Little Secret About Range Rover, Come to Find Out!

For off-road fans are usually familiar with the name Range Rover. How come? Because this one car is well suited to be combined with extreme sports and no one can replace. Range Rover is often described as something masculine, tough and full of maximum strength to reach difficult terrains such as hills and rocks or sand and muddy roads. Usually, those who love nature and beauty, as well as challenge, will choose Range Rover as a travel companion. Range Rover Car Hire believes that the toughness of the Range Rover is an option for sports enthusiasts. Not to be missed, little secrets that Range Rover Car Hire will share with you, try to read it first;

Range Rover is the winner of the first Dakar Rally. The French-based team won the hottest Rally ever for the first time. Range Rover is an easy win. If usually, the prototype model is very different from the production model, not so with the first Range Rover. There is no difference at all between the Range Rover prototype model with its production model. The second Range Rover has ever produced six wheels. The original purpose of firefighting. The early founder of Range Rover, Charles King, hates the fact that the Range Rover is now a luxury car. He thinks Range Rover remains a natural explorer, not a Mercedes competitor. Another unique story is the owner of the Range Rover brand is always changing. From what was originally Rover’s, it was purchased by BMW in 1994, then sold again to Ford in 2000, and now owned by Indian firm Tata.

Almost all cars on earth must be equipped with Rodak steering wheel. With the exception of Formula racing cars and a handful of sports cars, the driver’s steering wheel is on the right or left side, according to the country’s user regulations. However, the British SUV manufacturer, Land Rover, is known to almost make the car with the steering wheel is placed in the middle. This is because the founder of Land Rover is a farmer, so it is felt if it would be more practical if the steering wheel in the middle like a tractor. At the same time avoid the hassles of building a car right wheel and left steering wheel. The prototype built in 1947 is carrying the kitchen runway 1.6 liters 4 cylinder-powered 50 hp fabricated Rover coupled with 4-speed manual transmission and transfer case from Jeep Willys. Well, it’s interesting all these secrets, huh? If you already know all this, who is not interested in Range Rover as your faithful travel companion?