Two Things You Can Feel Because Of Stress And Depression That Prolonged

Many people experience stress and depression are prolonged because of some things that make them become negative thinking. To that end, many people end up discovering various treatments and therapies in healing this. At you can also perform therapy by using ayahuasca.

From the symptoms of depression and stress are prolonged, there are some bad things that you will find.

1. Sleep disturbance
Lots of effects of depression that can happen to us, one of which is a sleep disorder. Depression makes it difficult for us to sleep soundly, even to stay up all night not sleeping. All that is caused by excessive fear and anxiety disorders that occur due to depression.

2. Unstable emotions
The subsequent prolonged depression is an effect on unstable emotions. Sometimes we feel angry about anger, sometimes we are also sad because of trauma. As a result, the changes in emotion are not necessarily in ourselves.