Steps to Fix the Plaster of a Cracked House

House building is often considered to have more aesthetic value because it has a smooth and flat wall free of cracked hair. Then what to do if the walls in our house there are hair cracks in many places. If you do not know how to fix it then it would be better to contact services or experts such as free foundation repair estimate in Grand Prairie TX to repair damage to your home, especially the foundation of the house. People are generally reluctant to fix 1 or 2 cracks that are rated as minor damage at home because they do not want to call a handyman a bit. Generally, people decide to wait for the occurrence of other damages before making repairs, so all the hassle and not too waste money by calling a handyman. Unfortunately, because now there are tools and construction repair materials that are practical to use. We no longer need to rely too heavily on the craftsman to overcome the cracked walls.

Drymix Concrete Fill and Drymix Skimcoat are two ready-made materials that make it easier for those who want to overcome the cracked wall. Concrete Fill is made from a mixture of cement, filler, silica sand and additives packaged in a sack, with a composition formulated to have high adhesion on the surface of plaster or concrete. While Drymix Skimcoat is designed to be a plaster or concrete wall coating that functions much like cement batter. It should be noted that the step-by-step improvement below is not for the cracks that occur due to the decline of the foundation. This is a step-by-step repair of cracked plaster on walls caused by shrinkage expansion as well as poor material quality with crack widths ranging from 1 to 6 mm.

Begin by preparing equipment consisting of grinders, iron hammers, chisels, buckets, dust brushes, plastic cape, iron cape, cement spoon, mixer and Kassa membrane. Continue with the stripping stage where the surface of the plaster along the cracked area should be graded and peeled to the base of the light brick. Then clean the area that has been peeled from dust, oil and other dirt using a brush that is not too stiff. Then flush the area using water until it looks damp and clean.