The walls of your new house cracked? Here are the causes and solutions

You just finished building the house, and plan to use it soon. but what happened? Looks cracked on the walls of your house. You must think twice before using the house. Cracked walls are a problem that often appears on walls, both in new homes and old homes. Recognize the cause and learn the solution so you are ready for all possibilities. Here are some causes of wall cracks: Structural failure to bear load or overload, seismic movement or impact may result in cracked masonry attached to the structure, which will continue on the cracked plaster covering it. The poor quality of bricks and adhesives can lead to the breaking or breaking of masonry. This will have a direct effect on the cracking of the plaster and the wall covering the pair. To work around this, you can contact Lewisville foundation repair.

The plaster or cement can be cracked due to the encounter of different materials, such as the encounter between concrete structures with masonry, masonry with wood, or plaster with electric pipes or water pipes inside walls. This happens because of the nature of cement that is not able to stick with other materials such as wood and plastic, or due to the movement of the different elements. Of course, knowing the cause is not complete without understanding how to prevent and repair it. Here’s the solution you need to know; First, investigate the cause of the crack, whether it stems from a structural failure (see if a crack or arch occurs on structural elements, especially columns and beams), cracks in masonry, or only in sticks or plastering. Beware also if there are other elements on the wall, such as PVC pipe or wood columns. If a wall crack occurs due to structural failure, then you must reinforce the structure. Retrofitting can be thickening or adding structure. If the damage is severe, then you should dismantle or replace damaged walls and structures before affecting other parts of your home. Consult immediately to the experts, remember structural damage can be fatal to your home.