The Best Time to Consume Protein Supplement

Some of the beginners do not understand how to use good protein supplement including the right dose and time to consume it. In this article, we will give you the right way to use whey protein so that the benefits you can feel to the fullest. Regardless of the amount of protein present in this time we will give you tips on using whey protein most well and effectively in shaping your body or in your diet. Also, visit bradley martyn to get more info about it.

– Before the Fitness

When using whey protein before exercise can prevent catabolic that can occur during intensive load training. BCAA content in whey protein can prevent the breakdown of muscles that occur during heavy weight training. So before exercise is an ideal time to consume whey protein. You can use whey protein one scoop or two scoops before exercise, if you are on a diet then you can add glutamine and BCAA in it.

– Soon After the Fitness Exercise

Why after practice? Yups, this is after the weight training is a very crucial time and also very good to directly use whey protein. When after weight training, your muscles are in a state of ‘starvation’ and are very ready to absorb the nutrients that enter the body. And this is a very appropriate time to use whey protein because the protein properties in whey are fast absorbing proteins. For best results use 1 to 2 whey protein scoops immediately after the weight training, you can also combine whey protein with other nutrients such as creatine or BCAA.

– When Waking Up

When you wake up your body lack of nutrition after more than 6 hours did not get any intake. This is the 3rd good time (before and after practice) to use whey protein. When you wake up your body can absorb all the nutrients that enter your body, and this is an opportunity that you can use to use whey protein. To more efficiently use a whey protein scoop after waking up.

– Daytime

Almost the same as waking up, but for the daytime is not as crucial after exercise and wake up because during the day our bodies have entered various foods and other nutrients. But, if you want you can use one scoop just in the afternoon before lunch.