Decide Your Catering Options From The Beginning

If you want your event to be decorated with a traditional concept, you can choose the type of Catering Jakarta Barat that provides a traditional menu. Or if you want to have a modern concept, you can choose a catering service that provides modern food. Or maybe you want to have the concept of a traditional wrapped event? Why not, you can choose a catering service that has a full menu that is traditional and modern. So, make your choice early on yes.

Each package selected in this event catering service has a difference, for example when you select package A, it will be provided spoons, forks, pans, tablecloths, and package B is not provided with a tablecloth. For that, you should be more careful what packages and facilities are obtained in the package. Do not let the wrong choice and just find out on the H-5 event, because it is not possible to change the type of package or replace the catering services.