Clean The Mushrooms In Your Car Glass By Using These Three Main Ways

As a car owner, you will often get your car in a dirty condition and even some mushrooms in some parts. This is something you should always avoid. Then. you can use the services of car detailing san diego as a car cleaning service that can work very well in cleaning your car.

Usually, a place that is often overgrown with mushrooms in the car is on the car’s glass. This is because many people do not dry glass after rain or after washing the car. however, you do not need to panic because there are several ways you can do to remove the fungus in the windshield.

1. Cleaning the mushrooms using bleach clothes
How to remove mushroom on the glass of the car is to use bleach clothes. Bleach used is bleach clothes that can eradicate the fungus. The trick is to pour the liquid and clean the mushrooms with a soft cloth and rinse with clean water.

2. Cleaning the mushrooms using shampoo
Already many people are using this material to clean the mushrooms in their cars, especially in the car glass. The trick is to spray the glass by using warm water. Apply shampoo to the glass surface and leave for a while until dry. Rub glass using a soft washcloth and wash with water. You also do not need to dry it and just wait for it to dry.

3. Cleaning the mushrooms using toothpaste
You can apply toothpaste on the glass. Apply on the affected part of the fungus evenly and wait until it is completely dry. Then you can clean the toothpaste with water. Then, dry the glass using a soft cloth. This method may sound strange but not infrequently many people who succeed by using this way in cleaning the fungus that is in their car.