About Women in Saudi Arabia that You Did not Know a Lot

If you include someone who will learn Arabic, then you must know that you can learn it on the website www.arabic.world/learn-arabic-online. that way, then you will get good guidance and training about the language. you also must know about the Arab Countries which became a country that is quite influential on other countries in the world.

One of the things you should know also from that country is about the women there who increasingly have the freedom they need.

In Saudi Arabia married women should not travel without their husbands’ permission, may not participate in sporting events, or even have representatives in government settings.

But recently the Saudi government has begun to blow many changes, for example in 2009, Nour Al-Fayez as Minister for Women’s Education. He was the first woman appointed to fill Majlis al-Shura, the environment within the government of Saudi Arabia. That way, then the woman in the country more advanced and prosperous.