It’s One Of The Types Of Jewelry That Frequently Causes Allergies, Recognize The Signs

A jewelry is certainly made of a variety of different materials. This is because jewelry is divided into several levels according to price and quality. You can get a ring that has many health benefits from amor ring bath bombs. There, you’ll buy a circle-shaped place and there’s a ring in it.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who do have an allergy to the jewelry. One of them is metal. There are some people who have allergies to metals and must adapt them to the metal. There are several things that indicate that a person has an allergy to the metal, as below.

Itching and red spotting is an early symptom that the skin has an allergy to the jewelry that sticks to the body.
The itching arising from contact with common metals is known as contact dermatitis. This is due to contact between metal and skin. The metal that poses an allergic risk is a metal containing nickel. Nickel can be found in several products such as watch straps, iron metal jewelry, belts, eyeglass frames, shirt buttons or pants, and hairpins.

Sensitivity to nickel tends to be more common in women than in men. This is because more women use jewelry, the comparison is two to one. Nickel is a white metal that is usually used as a mixture of other metals, especially jewelry.

Allergic to nickel will be seen when the skin of allergy sufferers come into contact with metal containing nickel. This nickel allergy will get worse with the sweat. Patients will experience itching that appears 15-20 minutes after the object in contact with the skin. Symptoms on the skin can appear within an hour. If the person is not sweating then the jewelry containing nickel can be used within a few hours without any symptoms.