These Two Domains For Adding Sites In Your Own Web Hosting

The domain of course also affects the web hosting you have. this is because the web hosting will not run without the domain. You can visit the website to get the coupon for web hosting you are needing.

The existence of a domain on web hosting makes you should also pay attention to these domains when choosing a web hosting. If you plan to create multiple sites in one hosting the same, then these two domains you must have.

– Domain addon
It’s a feature to add different sites to the same hosting. For example, you can really buy 1 web hosting package used for 3 sites. For a cheap web hosting package just support 1 addon domain, where you can only add other sites in your web hosting with the number of one site only.

– Subdomains
This is the child of the site you have. for example, if you have a primary site, then you can create a subdomain with the name of the other site.