Always Remember the Simple Formula – Quality over Quantity

This one sentence is always widely applicable in any circumstances, especially in buying goods, quality is always more important than quantity. Where to buy quality not only do we appreciate ourselves but also can be used for long-term, reverse 180 degrees of quantity, yes indeed many. But how long can it be used? What about its quality?

Of course, it looks, all this is out there and for a while, people have branded us with negative words and do not respect us anymore. Not everyone can buy quality and Espadrille pas cher, but it’s a good idea to collect and save money for quality shoes instead of buying new shoes with bad quality every month.

By purchasing quality shoes, indirectly; whether consciously or not, we will better appreciate and keep our shoe. Because we know the quality and price of these shoes. Even now if you buy expensive shoes with good quality, after 5-6 years the shoes can be re-service and changed the model! Starting from design to lower insole and can be used up to 20 years into the future! But for now, new premium brands that provide this service.